Kurt at his workbench

Since my teens in the early 80’s I have been making small, beautiful works in wood. My specialty is star-themed decorations using a technique called parquetry. Using different types of wood, I’ve perfected techniques to produce lovely, precise, and delicate pieces at affordable prices. Many craftspeople have shifted to computers and laser cutting, but I stick to basic and traditional tools such as chisels and hand planes, tools that I carefully and caringly maintain.

Using timber framing and joinery skills learned from my mentors Scott Graczyk and Rich Potter, I built my workshop in 2000 on a small farmstead in western Massachusetts. Light and warmth pours in through the windows that I made using old discarded glass.

My passion for woodworking stems from a love of nature and an appreciation of simple aesthetics. In all my work I do my best to conserve and make the most of our precious natural resources. I make custom furniture and occasionally teach woodworking classes too.

I look forward to engaging with you!

Workshop exterior
Kurt at the workbench

Watch this video to see how I make my wooden ornaments: